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Your photos are great. You have a wonderful eye.
Ted Meisel

Nice work

Hi Steven, Saw your work for the first time today. Really beautiful. I'm a photojournalist and from the New Jersey Mancinelli clan. ( Cheers.
Karen Mancinelli

your photos

Steve, a note to say how much I appreciated your images. Nice to think of our attorney as a well-rounded, artistic fellow.

M. Greenleaf
Samadhi Cushions and Store
Michael Greenleaf


Brilliant photography. These images are gorgeous.

your shots

Man, they're awesome pics. I'm glad to see you keep exploring your talent!
Your childhood friend!
carlos carus

New 20 pictures -- September 2011

Hi Steve -- you turned your camera into a time machine with Little Stony Point and Pictures at an Exhibition. Like looking back at a Hudson River School iconic painting moment and a vision of the beginning of the "age" of American painting meets the Saturday Evening Post. Fun! Thank you for the pictures!!!
Karen Heller

You're a Natural

Steve, I like the way you look at the world. There's beauty everywhere, and you see the magic.
Julie Farmer


Your images are fresh and exciting! Wishing you good fortune in your search for great photos!
Debra Keller

Great stuff! A side of you I didn't even know existed - excellent composition and studies in contrast - may you continue to dance through the shadows and into the light
Rabbi Shmuel Simenowitz

Steve's photos

I'm glad to own several. I get great comments. I can't wait to take the time to go through this gallery !!!
Mark Schwartz


You definitely have an eye for photography, Steve! Gorgeous photos! Maybe you should rethink law. :-)


Michael Gaschler

Your Images

Steve, beautiful compositions. The presentation of your site really works also. Great job, beautiful work. Your buddy for life - Seth


Steve...thanks for sharing your talents and vision. I enjoyed every minute. Please keep 'em coming!

I'm hypnotized

There is such peace in these images. I find the beauty you capture to be hypnotic.
Brad Boyer


Beautiful photos Steve. Thank you for sharing them with us. Looks like you love doing this.


Steve, I'm afraid I'll have to be the one to break the news to you: you've just let us, the viewers of your work, see into your soul. And the windows were breathtaking.
Gwen Perez

Photography by Steven Mancinelli

These photographs are iconic -- when I look at the winter pictures I swear I can smell the Northeast winter, when I look at the streams, lakes and waterfalls, I can almost hear water falling, or experience the beauty and melancholy of a late Fall afternoon lakeside sunset. Steven, you clearly love nature and the natural world. This is my new go to website when I want to escape to the country-- while sitting at my city desk.
Karen Heller


Nice images. I like your site.
Frank Stringfellow